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The story behind the art

My Background

Since she was a child, Susan enjoyed collecting things from the ocean. From seashells to sand crabs, the Californian native would gather her collection and take it home with her, hiding them in a special place...the closet.

As an adult, her passion for the beach and its natural collectable hasn’t changed. Except now, instead of collecting and keeping her seaside treasures in her bedroom closet, Susan creates pieces of art with shells not only from her own backyard, but from around the world. Being Bi-Coastal, with business in Hawaii and California, selling her work throughout various States and countries.

My Materials

​From candleholders to mirrors and frames, Susan turns starfish, coral and conch shells into pieces of functional art. Products are hand made to order and can be customized.


“It is so empowering to be an artist that provides not only art, but functioning art to many homes, restaurants, special occasions, and the like.  But to remain in my true authentic self, and way of life and to be recognized for work that I have a passion for, is very rewarding,” she says. 

Knowing that all my coral and seashells are not on any endangered lists, but rather harvested, is the utmost importance to me". The shells are by-products of the mollusk that has been eaten from the shell for food. These shells are natural color non endangered and cleared by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department. Whenever possible, recycled wood is used (for example, with the large oil paintings)

All Da'lish products are organic and made with essential oils. ​

My Inspiration

An educated business woman and a self taught artist, besides her creative side, Susan also exercises her philanthropic side by volunteering for animal and children-related causes.


Photography by Susan

COPYRIGHT 2008-2019


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